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Appinventers is a great team of high level experienced developers providing high quality mobile app & web development solutions across the Globe.

Top mobile app developers in the industry. Appinventers is a mobile app and web development company based in Jaipur, India. 

Great experience 5 Stars!!! He helped us understand our web application development process and worked with our team and other teams to bring coherency and competency. Very Valuble!

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Seamless NodeJS App Development Services in India

We build apps  in Healthcare, Fintech, Manufacturing, and other

Node.js Web Application Development

Build scalable and high-performance web applications using Node.js, leveraging its event-driven architecture and extensive library ecosystem for efficient server-side development.

RESTful API Development

Create robust and secure RESTful APIs with Node.js, enabling seamless integration with other applications, services, and databases for efficient data exchange and communication.

Real-time Chat and Messaging Applications

Develop real-time chat and messaging applications using Node.js and WebSocket technology, enabling instant communication, notifications, and collaborative features for users.

Microservices Architecture

Implement a microservices architecture using Node.js, breaking down complex applications into smaller, independent services for scalability, flexibility, and easier maintenance.

Database Integration and Management

Utilize Node.js to integrate and manage databases such as MongoDB, MySQL, or PostgreSQL, enabling efficient data storage, retrieval, and manipulation for your applications.

Scalable and High-performance Systems

Build scalable and high-performance systems with Node.js, leveraging its non-blocking I/O model and asynchronous programming to handle large volumes of concurrent requests.


Building Creative and Seamless Apps

Building and Scaling web applications have been revolutionized with Node.js development. It is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime, enabling developers to build fast, scalable, and highly efficient applications on the server side.

With its modular and event-driven architecture, Node.js has emerged as a popular choice for building real-time web applications and microservices.

This process of building web applications using the Node.js Frameworks involves writing server-side code in JavaScript Programming and leveraging the vast ecosystem of Node.js modules and packages to build efficient and scalable applications.

Appinventers’ Case studies as a Node.JS app development agency In India

1. Real time chat Applications

Develop chat apps using Node.js, enabling instant messaging, group chats, and real-time updates for seamless communication and collaboration among users.

2. Social Media Platforms

Build social media apps with Node.js, allowing users to create profiles, connect with friends, share content, and engage in interactive features like commenting and liking.

3. E-commerce Applications

Create online marketplaces using Node.js, facilitating secure transactions, product listings, shopping carts, and order management for businesses and consumers.

4. Streaming Platforms

Develop streaming apps with Node.js, enabling users to stream and consume audio or video content on-demand, supporting features like playlists, recommendations, and user subscriptions.

Appinventers’ features as an Node.JS app development agency in India:

  • Experience

Appinventers’ team of experienced Node.js developers are knowledgeable in the latest Node.js tools and frameworks and much more like Express.js, Socket.IO, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS Lambda, NPM etc. They can guide best practices and offer suggestions on how to optimize the Node.js application for the best performance and scalability.

  • Communication

We delight in the ability of the team to communicate effectively throughout the development process. With the provision of regular updates and responsiveness to your questions and concerns, our Team tries to serve you in the best manner possible.

  • Transparency

We love to be transparent in pricing, timelines, and deliverables. With the provision of a clear project plan with milestones and deliverables helps clients to track the project’s progress.

  • Quality Assurance

Our robust quality assurance Team ensures to make the final product is bug-free and meets the requirements. They help with conducting regular testing and provide you with the necessary documentation.

  • Support

Our team is available to address any issues that arise and provide updates and enhancements as needed. We take pride in providing you with ongoing support and maintenance for your application.


With Node.js development’s modular architecture, event-driven design, and ease of use, Appinventers can help you with an ideal choice for building real-time web applications and microservices!

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